About Us

CI2A is dedicated to providing world class cyber security and cyber crime solution services.

We offer full cyber security program build out and efficacy services from birth to maturity as well as specialized cybercriminal investigations and cyber VIP protection which secures high notoriety, high-wealth individuals from their unique exposure to cyber-criminal deviants through a comprehensive and combined cyber victimology and cyber security technological centered threat assessment coupled with active, continuous monitoring specifically for the principal, the principal’s family and the principal’s close staff. Chris Bullock, CEO and Managing Member of CI2A coined the terms “cyber executive protection” and “cyber VIP protection”.

The team at CI2A is like no other in the industry. We are the firm you want to contact if you need an Advisory CISO/CSO, a full cyber security program build out ,assistance with any type of cyber crime victimization or Cyber VIP Protection. Our outsourced CISO/CSO executive advisement services, cyber crime incident preparedness, cyber crime investigation and Cyber VIP Protection are award winning and unlike any others in the industry.


Cyber VIP Protection Intelligence Monitoring

CI2A has created one of the most comprehensive and effective Cyber VIP Protection Programs available on the globe.

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