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The landscape between privacy and security is becoming more and more amalgamated. Privacy regulations such as the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPS) and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) have placed organizations in a position where they must have privacy regulation navigation support along with their cyber security programs. Neglecting these regulations in the organization’s people, process, and technology strategies can result in major civil liability and regulatory penalties. Data privacy is a very specialized field that many organizations do not have the talent in house to handle. Often times legal counsel is given this responsibility because of the legal nature of privacy however, those legal specialists typically do not have the specialized technical experience needed to operationalize an effective privacy program within an organization.
CI2A provides an outsourced CPO in a dynamic delivery model provided in conjunction with the backend support of our O-CISO executive advisory services to provide organizations with effective privacy and cyber security delivery to help ensure the organization can better comply with privacy regulations including CCPA and GDPR. We align this service with the business risks which executive teams and Board of Directors need to be informed about. Our solution delivers a CPO/CISO combination to organizations in need of these unique roles to help their privacy program prove efficacy and to address regulatory requirements and legal risks. We provide an annual subscription service allowing an organization to subscribe to a level that best fits their needs based on annual hours and other requirements the organization must meet. This solution solves the well-known and current top issues of the difficulty in locating this type of unique talent in a burgeoning industry, the excessive pricing for bringing in a CPO/CISO.

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