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Cyber Criminal
Intelligence & Monitoring Services

CI2A utilizes advanced cyber intelligence platform technologies to access, monitor, analyze and produce valuable and contextual cybercriminal threat intelligence reports for our clients. The platforms we use ingest social media, surface web, deep web, and dark web sources allowing us to analyze specific cybercrime, reputational, and physical threats against our clients. Our platform uses psycholinguistic analysis unlike other platforms. Some of the specific intelligence reports we can deliver include the following:

Data Breach Victimization Intelligence

  • Help our attorney clients prove damages against their clients relative to data breach events
  • Help organizations identify their legal exposures further than just normal digital forensics utilizing advanced intelligence gathering methods
  • Rapid cloud-based triage without SIEM purchase and commitment – exceptional for cloud-based cybercrime events such as Business Email Compromise (‘BEC’)

Reputational Brand & Threat Intelligence

  • Monitoring of social media, surface web and dark web organizational brand exposures
  • Monitoring of threats including violent threats and threats related to protests or business disruption events
  • Monitoring for chatter relative to cyber-attacks and vulnerabilities of organizations

Cyber VIP Protection Intelligence

  • Monitoring of digital footprint exposures for high notoriety and high wealth principals
  • Monitoring of unique threat exposures for high notoriety and high wealth principals, their families and their close staff

Cyber VIP Protection

Intelligence Monitoring

CI2A has created one of the most comprehensive and effective Cyber VIP Protection Programs available on the globe.Read More