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CI2A has created one of the most comprehensive and effective CyberVIP Protection™ Programs available on the globe. We help our high profile, high wealth, celebrity clientele reduce their cyber risk exposure by performing a comprehensive contextual threat exposure analysis of their current cyber risks and work with them to reduce that risk and regularly monitor intelligence sources for risks and changes. We are our clients “cyber bodyguards”.
This service is the first of its kind and is one of our premier and core services. Our staff at Cyber Investigations and Intelligence Agency consists of cybercrime analysts who have served in unique law enforcement intelligence, military, and dignitary protection capacities. We have experience in federal computer crimes, cyber and traditional terrorism and counter-terrorism operations as well as private sector executive level cyber security program leadership experience for Fortune 500 companies and government organizations.
We saw a dangerous gap in the countless traditional executive protection details we have handled in our careers and realized traditional VIP protection needs not only a close protection physical team but in today’s world also needs a cyber VIP protection team, a protective agent that walks beside the principal and their family in cyberspace. Cybercrime is the more likely angle a bad actor will attack a person of high notoriety, high-wealth, or celebrity status from. Often time’s marque business leaders and celebrities don’t even realize they and their loved ones have already been attacked from the cyber perspective. They have been doxed, their identities were stolen, they are under unlawful surveillance or their personal photos and most intimate data have been posted in the dark web or in crevices of the surface web they didn’t know about. Some of these attacks lead to intelligence gathered and exchanged by bad actors emboldening them to step up to the next level attack, one that may be up close and very personal. CI2A has an entire line of service offerings that protect our high-notoriety, high-wealth, celebrity clients. There is no other service like this and if there was, no one could deliver it like we do with highly skilled, highly trained former law enforcement intelligence specialists and corporate cybersecurity leadership walking beside our clients in cyberspace protecting them as their CyberVIP Protection™ Agents (CVPA).

Comprehensive Cyber VIP Protection Assessment (A Single Point in Time Assessment)

This service involves a comprehensive evaluation of the VIP’s cyber protection exposure and posture. In this assessment, we conduct extensive interviews with our principal, their families and other extremely sensitive areas we have identified as attack jump points to that principal and their family. We have developed an entire methodology that identifies and addresses the principal’s organizational posture, cyber victimological profile, protection efficacy along with all of their vulnerabilities and weaknesses. The end result is an extremely comprehensive report which provides specific instructions on how to correct each identified weakness and how to develop and improve the CyberVIP™ protection of that principle, their family and all of the weak links in the chain that can lead to a cyber compromise of the principal’s private and sensitive information as well as their safety. We partner directly with the close protection team, the cybersecurity team, and any other key security personnel for the executive to help them understand the weaknesses we found so they can fill gaps in this vital executive protection function.

Cyber VIP Personal Threat Intelligence Service

We have partnered with one of the best solutions in the industry that uses psycholinguistics when analyzing social media, forums, darknet, deep web, and other crevices of cyber intelligence. Their product is tried and proven and our staff of former terrorism experts, cybersecurity experts, and criminal intelligence analysts regularly monitors and evaluate intelligence on our client principals. Clients who sign up for this service receive a report at the cadence they request (bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly, annually) as well as direct consultation access with our analysts who are well versed on any cyber VIP assessments that have been previously performed by our staff for them. This allows us to deliver contextual cybercrime risk intelligence to our clients rather than just scan and locate meaningless information delivered by most other services available today. We can provide intelligent analysis that actually helps protect our client principal rather than inundate them with useless information. We will alert our clients to anomalies found during our continuous monitoring process and provide both tactical and executive level reports and debriefs.