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Emergency Cyber Incident Response

Cyber-attacks cost your business revenue through brand or reputational damage, data exfiltration often times resulting in major liability for your organization, and operational downtime. Cyber Investigations & Intelligence Agency has certified, experienced incident response specialists who know how to help you recover through these costly events. Our Digital Forensic and Incident Response Specialists can rapidly respond to your cyber security incident, analyze your technology systems to discover evidence, triage the incident to cease the malicious activity and help you to recover quickly and get back to your core business.

Emergency Cyber Incident Response Retainer

Cyberattacks can happen abruptly, unexpectedly, and transpire in an extremely dynamic manner. Prepaying for an Emergency Cybercrime Investigations Retainer ensures you pre-agreed upon response terms at a cost savings rate. Our retainers offer the following various options and terms:

  • Overall discounted costs
  • A cursory pre-incident technology discovery assessment. We learn and document a cursory view of your environment prior to a cyber incident occurrence so that we have a preplan for rapid response and recovery already on file. This includes 4 hours of incident preparation consultation.
  • A post retainer exit services engagement. If you are nearing the end of your retainer’s terms you can choose to use your remaining hours to either perform a mock tabletop exercise directed by Cyber Investigations and Intelligence Agency or an advisory review of your incident response and recovery plans.
  • Cyber Insurance attestation. We will provide you with an attestation letter for your cyber insurance provider which can help you to acquire lower premiums on your policy.

Cybercrime Incident Vulnerability Analysis

Cyber Investigations & Intelligence Agency has some of the most experienced cyber security staff in the industry. Many of our Digital Forensic Incident Response Specialists (DFIRS) have not only held positions at large business enterprises but they have also held sensitive law enforcement investigations positions and positions as top cyber security executives. Our customers benefit extensively from our cybercrime incident vulnerability analysis. This analysis is a comprehensive assessment of your organization’s cyber security posture with specific focus on detecting and preventing cybercriminal activity including data breaches, phishing, ransomware exposure and numerous other unique cybercrime attacks. We take a unique approach divesting from just centering on traditional IT security processes and focusing on your organization’s unique cyber victimology profile. Combining this approach with proven cyber security frameworks such as NIST, ISO, PCI and others we help secure your organization from cybercriminal activity.

Cyber VIP Protection

Intelligence Monitoring

CI2A has created one of the most comprehensive and effective Cyber VIP Protection Programs available on the globe.Read More