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Digital Forensics Investigations
EDiscovery Collections Analysis

Digital Forensics Evidence Collection and Preservation

Cyber Investigations & Intelligence Agency provides our clients with fast, reliable, and legally sound evidence collection. We have advanced tools and software that allow us to quickly provide our clients with evidence acquisition and preservation for every type of digital evidence. We hold court proven digital forensics certifications. Our collections services include smartphone, tablet, personal computer, cloud, Internet of Things (IoT) devices, and many other types of electronic media where digital evidence is located.

Digital Forensics Analysis and Investigations

Cyber Investigations & Intelligence Agency DFIR’s have experience as specialized law enforcement investigators combined with their certifications and breadth of experience performing legal, corporate, and human resource focused digital forensics investigations. Whether our clients are in need of cyber-criminal or cyber-civil digital forensics investigations for data breach, intellectual property theft, disgruntled employees, policy violations, or other activity, Cyber Investigations & Intelligence Agency can ensure that needle in the haystack is located, preserved, analyzed, and presented in a sound legal manner. Other digital forensics investigations we are highly experienced at and help our clients with include the list below:

  • Audio/Video Forensics
  • Deceased Person’s Data Retrieval
  • Automotive System Forensics
  • Internet of Things Devices
  • Corporate Espionage Specific Digital Evidence
  • Employee Dispute Digital Evidence
  • Traffic Accident Digital Data Retrieval
  • Other unique electronic device digital evidence
  • E-Discovery and Litigation Support

Cyber Investigations & Intelligence Agency holds decades of experience providing e-discovery services to our legal clients. When it comes to collecting electronic data required in a tort or criminal investigation, we help our clients by providing fast, efficient services. We also provide advisor litigation services to help our legal clients define what should be named in a discovery from a technical and scope perspective and help our clients think about digital evidence they may have not even considered that could help them win their case. Because of our unique experience as former cyber security executives at larger Fortune 500 organizations, we know the unique aspects of various technologies and how to request the specifics to help get the correct and relevant digital evidence.

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