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Cyber-Legal Advisement Retainer

Cyber Investigations & Intelligence Agency has become a trusted partner with lawyers and legal service providers nationwide. We help our legal clients by providing the technical and program and industry standard information that our attorney clients may not know or have expertise in. We have helped lawyers uncover technical information in major civil and criminal cases that were not even on their radar and that inevitably won their case. We provide hourly billed advisory services for various cyber security and digital forensics topics.
We have helped clients on either side of a data breach either determine that a defendant/plaintiff organization was liable by not having an effective and reasonable cyber security program in place or helped defend a plaintiff/defendant organization by helping to prove their cyber security program efficacy. Put us on the stand as certified and experienced cyber security executives to help defend your clients or make your case.

Experienced Expert Witnesses in Cybersecurity and Cybercrime Matters

CI2A and its team have been admitted to various cases as expert witnesses. We offer cyber advisory services in hourly blocks to our legal profession clients that include case reviews utilizing our expertise, training, certifications, breadth of experience, and formal service as executive cyber security leaders and digital forensic examiners. Some of the nation’s largest law firms have placed us in depositions and on the stand to testify as experts to help in the success of their civil or criminal cases.

Cyber VIP Protection

Intelligence Monitoring

CI2A has created one of the most comprehensive and effective Cyber VIP Protection Programs available on the globe.Read More