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Outsourced CISO/CSO – Executive Advisory Services

5 months ago

CI2A offers a “think tank” of former, award-winning CISO/CSO’s who are considered thought leaders in the cyber security industry. Unlike many other vendors that refer to their services as “Virtual CISO” or “CISO in a Box”, CI2A has experienced CISO’s and CSO’s who have served as cybersecurity and physical security leadership at major corporations providing a multitude of presentations to large organizational Boards of Directors, creating strategic and tactical cybersecurity plans, and providing navigation through cybersecurity crisis events, mergers and acquisitions as well as other risk triggering events. We do not sell senior security engineers as CISO’s or CSO’s as many companies do. Our practice provides experienced CISO’s and CSO’s that deliver cybersecurity and physical security leadership for companies who (a) may not want to invest in hiring a fulltime practitioner, (b) are in transition from a previously held position or (c) have a current CISO/CSO that simply needs help with an overwhelming workload. We also provide full support as a “third party service provider” for the new NYCRR 500.04 provisions.