Physical Security Protection
Traditional Investigative Services

CI2A specializes in cybercrime, intelligence, digital forensics, and Cyber VIP protection, those are our niche areas, however, we also have three decades of decorated, specialized law enforcement investigative and executive protection experience. We help our clients protect their most valuable assets and people by assessing their physical risks, creating a remediation plan and providing remediation guidance throughout. We also provide our clients with tactical and strategic VIP close protection services.

Physical Red Team Site Surveys

A comprehensive physical security survey can help prove to management the specific risks to personnel safety, company assets, company executives, and brand reputation of the company. CI2A utilizes a sound framework and performs comprehensive, methodical physical security assessments for our clients to help ensure the physical security of the company. We help our clients by providing a comprehensive physical security assessment report that includes the specific remediation steps required to correct the issues and secure the company properly. We approach our surveys from the perspectives of both an internal rogue employee and a complete outsider so that both risk perspectives are fully documented and remediation tactics specific to each are enumerated to secure the organization.

Reduction in Force Event Security Planning

CI2A has participated in countless security event coordination and operational exercises both in our law enforcement careers and private sectors careers. We have also uniquely served as executives at major corporations where reduction in force or layoff events have come to fruition. We understand the unique dynamics during these events and how quickly they can become extremely dangerous. CI2A assists our corporate clients by coordinating and planning security and operations during reduction in force events.

  • Decorated and experienced law enforcement officers
  • Former SWAT tactical operators
  • Former Law Enforcement Fugitive Location and Arrest Commanders
  • Former specialized law enforcement unit/task force service
  • Firearms and defensive tactics instructors
  • Criminal investigations intelligence specialists
  • Cybercrime experts
  • Corporate and law enforcement executive leaders
  • Certified Executive Protection Agents (EPS)
  • Cyber VIP Protection Awareness Training

CI2A's staff is highly and uniquely experienced in all areas of executive protection including CyberVIP Protection™. We provide specialized certification training to other close protection teams and organizations specifically in the area of CyberVIP Protection™. This service is extremely discreet as disclosure of our proprietary tactics can result in bad actors concluding how our protection programs work. All clients must go through a short vetting process to be able to sign up for our CyberVIP Protection™ Agent Certification (CVPA™). The class is a (4) day class. Upon successful completion, candidates receive a certification issued by CI2A as a CyberVIP Protection™ Agent. You must submit 20 hours of relevant training and maintain current CyberVIP™ Program membership. If your organization is interested in signing up for this program please contact us by phone. Pricing and details of the next course dates and times will be provided. Prior to signing up for the class, the following requirements must be verified by CI2A:

  • The organization holds a license to perform investigations or executive protection from a legitimate government authority – or-
  • The organization is a law enforcement organization
  • CI2A Code of Ethics must be submitted
  • Company or agency attestation of background check for attendees must be submitted

Certification Training

Cyber VIP Protection Certification Training for Traditional Executive Protection firms and In-House Executive Protection Specialists


Cyber VIP Protection Intelligence Monitoring

CI2A has created one of the most comprehensive and effective Cyber VIP Protection Programs available on the globe.

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