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Cyber Investigations and Intelligence Agency offers these strategic and effective services to help our clients through a cybercrime crisis. Please select the services you require to find out more about how we can help you.

Data Breach Preparation | Response | Triage | Recovery

Cyber-attacks cost your business revenue through brand or reputational damage, data exfiltration often times resulting in major liability for your organization, and operational downtime. Cyber Investigations & Intelligence Agency has certified, experienced incident response specialists who know how to help you recover through these costly events. LEARN MORE HERE

Cyber Crime Investigations

Effective cybercrime investigations require a specialized knowledge of investigative techniques, cyber threat intelligence, and criminological theories. CI2A has decades of cybercrime and cybersecurity experience. Our staff has held positions as Chief Information Security Officers, Chief Security Officers and High Tech Crime law enforcement investigators. We center on and perform regular research specifically in cybercrime, cyber victimology, and the latest cyber investigative techniques.  LEARN MORE HERE

Cyber VIP Protection | Intelligence | Monitoring

CI2A has created one of the most comprehensive and effective Cyber VIP Protection Programs available on the globe. We help our high profile, high wealth, celebrity clientele reduce their cyber risk exposure by performing a contextual threat exposure analysis of their current cyber risks and work with them to reduce that risk and regularly monitor intelligence sources for risks and changes. We are our clients “cyber bodyguards”. LEARN MORE HERE

Physical Security | Protection | Traditional Investigative Services

CI2A specializes in cybercrime, intelligence, digital forensics, and Cyber VIP protection, those are our niche areas, however, we also have three decades of decorated, specialized law enforcement investigative and executive protection experience. We help our clients protect their most valuable assets and people by assessing their physical risks, creating a remediation plan and providing remediation guidance throughout. We also provide our clients with tactical and strategic VIP close protection services. LEARN MORE HERE.

Law Firm Cyber Advisory Services

Cyber Investigations & Intelligence Agency has become a trusted partner with lawyers and legal service providers nationwide. We help our legal clients by providing the technical and program and industry standard information that our attorney clients may not know or have expertise in. We have helped lawyers uncover technical information in major civil and criminal cases that were not even on their radar and that inevitably won their case. LEARN MORE HERE.

Digital Forensics | Investigations | EDiscovery | Collections | Analysis

Cyber Investigations & Intelligence Agency provides our clients with fast, reliable, and legally sound evidence collection. We have advanced tools and software that allow us to quickly provide our clients with evidence acquisition and preservation for every type of digital evidence. Our collections services include smartphone, tablet, personal computer, cloud, Internet of Things devices, and many other types of electronic media you may need digital evidence preserved from. LEARN MORE HERE.

Corporate Security |Human Resource – Cyber Investigative Support

CI2A members have served in long and successful cyber security leadership careers across many industry verticals. During that experience CI2A conducted countless human resource and corporate security investigations with specific focus on unique digital evidence. We help our business clients’ HR and corporate security teams identify, locate, and properly collect digital evidence while providing traditional and unique investigative support. LEARN MORE HERE.

Outsourced CISO/CSO – Executive Advisory Services

CI2A offers a “think tank” of former, award-winning CISO/CSO’s who are considered thought leaders in the cyber security industry. Unlike many other vendors that refer to their services as “Virtual CISO” or “CISO in a Box”, CI2A has experienced CISO’s and CSO’s who have served as cyber security and physical security leadership at major corporations providing a multitude of presentations to large organizational Boards of Directors, creating strategic and tactical cybersecurity plans, and providing navigation through cybersecurity crisis events, mergers and acquisitions as well as other risk triggering events. We do not sell senior security engineers as CISO’s or CSO’s as many companies do. LEARN MORE HERE.