Cyber Investigations & Intelligence Agency

World First Cyber Executive Protection Program

CI2A is the creator of the world’s first comprehensive Cyber VIP® Protection Framework and Program focused on reducing cybercrime exposure based on an individual’s custom cyber victimological profile and unique exposures. CI2A’s elite programs are designed to enable clients to embrace technology and live their lives without worrying about the complexities cybersecurity and technology create. CI2A uses social science, human intelligence and technology based on cyber criminology and cyber victimology to move beyond keyword searches to true contextual intelligence.
By analyzing concentric circles of protection, CI2A’s unique program removes the complexity of cyber overwatch for our clients. Our CyberVIP® Protection Program Annual Subscriptions include a variety of services including:

CI2A CyberVIP® Comprehensive Exposure and Remediation Analysis Covering the 12 Domains of the Cyber VIP® Protection Framework Proprietary Contextual Analysis of Your Cybercrime Exposure Based on Your Unique Cyber Victimological Profile

CI2A CyberVIP® OSINT Digital Footprint and Pattern of Life Exposure Including Analysis of the Concentric Circles of ProtectionAnalysis and Validation of Your Unique Digital Footprint to Provide Contextual Intelligence

CI2A CyberVIP® Contextual Intelligence MonitoringContextual Intelligence Monitoring of Your Digital Footprint Based on Your Unique Cyber Victimological Profile and Pattern of Life Exposure

CI2A CyberVIP® Personal Cybercrime Exposure AwarenessPersonal Cybercrime Exposure Awareness Training Customized Based on Your Unique Cyber Victimological Profile

CI2A CyberVIP® Cybercrime Intelligence Advisory Center – Access to CI2A’s CyberVIP® Cybercrime Intelligence Advisory Center and the Cybercriminal Intelligence Analysts, Cybercriminal Researchers, and Cybercrime Prevention Specialists. 

Our CyberVIP® Protection Program Subscriptions also give clients access to discounted rates for CI2A’s CyberVIP® Protection Services that are not already included in the Subscription Program. 

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